Behind the visor: The biggest influence on my career


“It’s hard to nominate only one person that’s had the biggest influence on my career. I would say there are two: my first engine tuner in karting and also my dad.

“First to my tuner. He’s a guy called Honza Straka who must be in his late 60s now. When I was 11-years-old I was racing in the Czech Republic across three junior championships. Honza was always there by my side.

“When I moved into big karts, he taught me lots of useful lessons about how to give feedback, be mentally focused, be organised and how to achieve your goals.

“He also showed me that creating a mental advantage can sometimes be useful as well. He’s ‘old skool Czech’ and knows how to be passionate, tough and resilient. I like to think that comes out in my racing today.

“When it comes to my dad, he’s also been a massive part of my career – 100 percent! I’m forever grateful for his support.

“He has lots of motorsport experience, both driving and on the team side. He knows what do to to be a good driver and he also knows what to do to be a good human being. It’s important to remember that in today’s world.

“I don’t always manage to achieve that but he keeps me straight and makes sure I work hard by thinking about all the details. You have to want it more than your rivals and that goes for your whole life in general.

“Now that I’m getting older and have moved into formula cars, my dad’s less directly involved. But he’s always in the background and asks me lots of questions when I’m home.

“He gives me his opinion if he feels it’s necessary and he doesn’t always sugar coat things. If it’s good it’s good. But if it’s shit it’s shit.

“I’m grateful for his honesty – even if it’s a bit painful to hear sometimes!”

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