Behind the visor: My most important race so far


“This might be a little surprising because it’s not when I won a championship or a particular race. It was when I was a junior kart racer and competing in the USA with Praga North America.

“I was 11-years-old and travelled to Homestead in Miami to race in the Florida Winter Tour. It was my debut in the TaG Junior class which has 100cc, 2-stroke engines. I was up against drivers that has two or three years more experience than me.

“Basically, after a couple of laps I was totally shattered. I was struggling with the steering – especially when the rubber came in – and it was a real physical effort to get to the end of the race. This was an experience that taught me how tough racing can be. I’ve never forgotten it.

“From that weekend on, I’ve always wanted to work hard and make sure I don’t go into any race weekend feeling weak or struggling. I always try to stay healthy and as strong as possible. I now workout five or six days a week to ensure I’m in the best shape.

“The horrible feeling I had during that Homestead race keeps me working hard and wanting to keep it real. It was an important moment – and definitely the most important race of my career so far.”

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